Friday, November 28, 2008

Tips for Shopping Overseas Pharmacies in US is one of the best web sites for checking out prices from quality pharmacies overseas, as well as the quality of an individual pharmacy itself. Tod Cooperman, M.D., who founded, has the following tips for shopping overseas for
prescription drugs:
  1. Shop from Canada. As long as the pharmacy is licensed in Canada, there should be no concerns about the quality of the drugs. They are as good as what you would purchase from a U.S. pharmacy, and in fact many are manufactured here.
  2. Look beyond Canada. High-quality prescription drugs are also available from Australia, the EU countries, Israel, and New Zealand. These countries have drug regulations equal to or better than those in the United States.
  3. Use to monitor the quality of foreign pharmacies. The site is free to explore and paid memberships are available for more in-depth information. The web site does not accept funding from pharmaceutical companies, but pharmacies do pay to be rated voluntarily. does not receive any money on sales.
  4. Be secure. Read the fine print on any web site before you enter your confidential information—the general rules for privacy in the United States do not apply to overseas pharmacies.
  5. Avoid buying drugs advertised in spam e-mails and pop-up ads. Cooperman says these companies are impossible to trace.
  6. Don’t expect to save on generic drugs from other countries. Generic drugs are actually cheaper in the United States than in Canada, since Canada sets its prices on generics from a two-competitor system, whereas the United States has a free-market system with as many as 12 companies selling generics.
  7. Watch for counterfeit drugs. If you’re dealing with a reputable pharmacy, counterfeits should not be a problem. However, examine your pills when they first arrive to see whether they look different from those you normally get. If they crumble or if the consistency seems different, take it as a warning.
  8. Remember to calculate shipping costs. To save on shipping, buy larger quantities, such as a 90- versus a 30-day supply, if you expect to be on the drug for at least that long

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