Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Insuring Your Wedding

As I’m sure you’re aware of at this point, weddings can be costly affairs. With the average wedding in the United States setting the average couple back $22,000 or more, there’s a reason you’ll want to insure your event—it makes perfect sense.

Wedding insurance can help you avoid losing any deposits or fully paid-for vendors should certain circumstances prevent you from walking down the aisle on your appointed day. And besides being a smart investment, wedding insurance doesn’t have to cost a huge chunk of change. For just a couple of hundred dollars, you’ll be able to insure your entire wedding. Of course, I’m not an insurance agent and I don’t sell insurance policies. So call yours and ask him or her about what it would take to insure your wedding. It may be the best money you’ll spend on your special day.

For a good overview on what you should look for in a wedding insurance policy, log on to, a company that provides wedding and liability insurance for special events. Even if you don’t buy your policy through Wed Safe, I recommend spending time on the website so you can educate yourself on the importance of wedding insurance and what you need to know as you investigate a policy for your event.

To do list:
❑ Investigate wedding insurance
❑ Buy an insurance policy

You’ll need list:
❑ Wedding logistics (date, location, number of guests)
❑ Wedding budget information

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