Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Insurance Contract in Plain English

An insurance policy is a legal contract, and every contract contains four basic components:

1. One person (or party, in legal parlance) must make an offer, and the other must accept it.

2. Both parties must be of legal signing age and mentally competent.

3. The subject matter or activity covered in the contract must be legal.

4. Each party must assume some obligation toward the other or give something of value like money or a promise to the other.

So how does this work with an insurance contract? The insurance company makes an offer to provide auto insurance, for instance to you. Let's say you sign the insurance policy. Now, assuming you are old enough and not insane, you must follow the rules and procedures in the policy. You must also pay the company some money a premium for the insurance. In return, the company must pay you for certain costs if you have an auto accident and if those costs were spelled out in the contract.


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  3. A liability insurance policy is not intended to provide policyholders a means to shift to the insurer their separate, voluntarily undertaken contractual obligations. Private company D&O insurance policies generally embody this principle in a separate exclusionary provision. However, the wording of the exclusionary clause can substantially affect the scope of coverage otherwise available under the policy. In particular, the expansive reading given certain exclusionary language in recent cases suggests that a more narrowly constructed exclusion would more appropriately address the concern that the provision was originally intended to address.

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