Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tips for Taking Inventory

Set aside one day to go through your home and list everything you might want to insure. Think about what you would need if a fire consumed everything you had. What would you have to replace to restart your life? If you can't set aside a full day, do it in a couple of evenings. Take your inventory room by room. Don't forget what's in the closets, drawers, and under the bed.

Here are some tips for taking inventory

* Take pictures of each room. You might want to photograph specific items that are valuable. Consider using a video camera for taking inventory. (Don't forget to include the camera in the inventory!)

* List the things in your closets and drawers, and items stuck under the bed or inside linen cheats. Make special note of jewelry and expensive gear you might use for skiing or other special occasions.

* List as many specifics about the items possible. Include serial numbers, the size and make of appliances. and any special features.

* List how much you paid for the item and when you bought it. If you have receipts, attach them to your inventory.

* Update your inventory list every year. Better still, when you purchase something, just add it and the receipt to the inventory list.

* Keep your inventory list in a safe place such as a fireproof container or in a safe deposit box. Your paper list does you no good if it is reduced to ashes in a fire, or if the thief steals the strongbox along with your other possessions.

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